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Dedicated to pairing our clients with the very best candidates

                                                                Scope24 Protection Inc

Scope24 Protection INC, is an owner-operated company. We are located in South Florida. Scope24 Protection  Security team has over 10 years experience in the security field. We have worked as security officers and serve as head of security in almost all levels. From working and managing construction sites to large well function corporations in security. We understand the importance of paying attention to even the smallest things that most people would not pay attention to or take for granted. Scope24 Protection INC, is not your typical security company, we care about our clients, their homes, businesses and their personal well being. We provide our clients with the best security solutions, personalized customer services. Scope24 Protection is in constant communication with our clients to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to not only meet your objectives but also to exceed your expectations. We provide a reliable and experienced security service, utilizing the very latest in security management technology and updated training methods, Superior training and supervision, which are the keys to succeeding when it comes to securing. We conduct 24/7 random site supervision, we have Industry specific scheduling program and more…. total coverage you can count on.

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